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Declan_OMahonyMp2films is an independent film making company. The name has its origins in the first film I produced back in 2007 entitled MAKING PICTURES. For many years I wanted to use film and music to document my work as a non figurative painter . Over a period of twenty years I developed a wide range of painting techniques that I felt lent themselves to the fluidity and light transparency of the film medium. Delightfully this short film was premiered in the Corona Cork Film Festival 2007, Artecinema, Naples 2007, & the Magner’s Boston Irish Film Festival in 2008.


The next project was somewhat more ambitious. It took a number of attempts to finally craft a tight coherent short film about the existence of perfectionistic talents in the contemporary urban jungle that is my hometown, Cork City, Ireland. The first attempt was intended to stand alone on the imagery and musical score. Entitled “Make or Break” it was a commendable attempt but had to be revisited. A whole new musical score by American scientist and compositional wizard Dan Warren, a series of impromptu interviews and a whole new edit by film maker Barry McCarthy and the film VIRTUS was born. This production won Best Irish Short at Florian Zapra’s Dublin International Short Film & Music Festival. It was also screened in Boston and continues its successful journey alongside the current feature documentary RIVER RUNNER.


I view RIVER RUNNER as a painters passionate portrait in film of a wonderful river system that has been tragically damaged by MAN, for the sake of human progress. This film has taken hometown audiences by storm . The reactions have been overwhelming as the RIVER RUNNER cries one singular message to the responsible authorities. Free passage for the oldest inhabitants of the river Lee valley…The Wild Atlantic Salmon.


To be continued……