There aren’t too many independently run Cinemas left in County Cork. But Stephen Keohane and Margie Kelly run a fabulous show in Bantry towns CINEMAX. Thanks to Tom Kelly for his professionalism and to Barry and Lea for their support on opening night. The Q+A after the show was lively and intense and once again garnered energetic commentaries to undertake change in the laws that affect our precious resources, namely our rivers and the wild Atlantic salmon. Our gratitude to Mark Boyden and Fred De Haye from Streamscapes who are doing exceptional work which is simply nowhere near getting the publicity it deserves. These guys have contributed, from the wilds of the Borlin river valley in West Cork, to the restocking of Wild Atlantic Salmon in the River Rhine, in Germany, several years ago and the project was a complete success. Mark and his team understand that education is the key to success. Our meeting in Bantry on World Water Day made the whole experience worth every inch of the effort. Please check out and support


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