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RIVER RUNNER documents for the first time ever, a series of catastrophic events, that have been shrouded in secrecy since the mid 1950’s. This is the true story of the plight of the wild Atlantic salmon on the River Lee in southern Ireland. This dilemma is lucidly and animatedly explained by a world class salmon angling expert, Alan Nolan, who is at home on the lower reaches of the river Lee. Further upstream beyond two dams  constructed in the 1950’s another secret cloaked for a half a century is explained byenvironmental & ecology expert Kevin Corcoran. The Gearagh is an inland river forest delta one of only four on our blue planet. Several hundred acres of this ancient forest especially age old oaks and yew trees were clear felled. A unique community of Irish speaking forest dwellers, 39 homes and farmsteads, were issued compulsory purchase orders. The houses were dynamited out of existence. The question has never been answered whether this was necessary for the sake of progress?
Two years in and out of boats and canoes  in what was one of the worst winters on record 2013/14 , the cameras rolled continuously to unravel the untold secrets of southern Ireland’s Lovely Lee River.



Click on this link to see  Irish National Television’s  popular show Nationwide’s portrayal of RIVER RUNNER. We are in part two of the programme :

Our Next Screenings : Invited back for its third cinematic run to Macroom by the Briery Gap Theatre,  on November 14th  2016. The screening will take place in the Castle Hotel Main Street Macroom, County Cork , as the theatre is undergoing redecoration.




Virtus is a stylised documentary that highlights a diverse group of individuals who are true champions of individuality, and creativity. This  documentary begins where most of human life ends up and it travels in symphonic celebratory form through eight individual, talented channels to a point of human perfection. Their true, inherent sense of aesthetics  is delicate, craves no attention but is an extremely important counter-balance to the global forces that continue to neutralize our natural talents, our artistic sensibilities and our desire for beauty. Urbanisation, computerization, mass production are hall marks of the 21 century. These so called progressions all carry  major side effects. They remove us as humans  from the tactile creative beings we once were! They create that false impression that we have more time to focus and develop our individual talents. They shift the emphasis away from what is hand made, tactile and real to a virtual, impersonal, non-tactile environment.